The Everybody LOVES Love Project

Choosing to perform based on connections made with others and sharing similar positive vibes, Comedian Keith Terry stays behind his art. The venues Keith performs in have everything to do with timing and the Universe!

While traveling at a young age, Keith bonded with people in every community where he performed allowing him to find balance.

Balance led to growth within his art and finding empowerment which, later, led to Keith’s ASCENSION and deeper insight into his purpose.

Keith, an empath since childhood,  recognized that while he may choose to pursue endeavors related to the comedy industry, it’s the connections he makes with the people that make the greatest impact, reaching some who’ve never experienced true stand-up comedy!

The euphoric feeling, the message of LOVE that Keith Terry represents, and his authenticity continue to set Comedian Keith Terry apart from others.

Performing for Purpose, each show is considered to be a personal PROJECT and more than just a tour date.

For this reason, Keith refers to his shows as the Everybody LOVES Love Project!

The KTC website publishes every E.L.L. Project with careful timing.

It all starts with a personal connection!  If you want to connect with the Keith Terry Comedy Team and Talker Entertainment to plan a show to be remembered, please leave your information and/or request.

Keith Terry Comedy brings Universal Laughter & Love to every performance!